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Adventure Holidays in El Salvador

Small place that has seen great turmoil in history, El Salvador has been commendably rebuilt itself after the civil war of the 1980s. However, it is still the most dangerous country in Central America. Many backpackers and tourists but keeping the mind of evil side and El Salvador are flocking. The reasons behind the decision by tourists are given a warm welcome by the locals here. Surfers international over the years have expressed that the rest is sweet on the Pacific Coast here can be counted among one of the best in the world. Not only the country's beaches have plenty of natural beauty to offer-coffee plantations, volcanoes and beaches though catastrophic deforestation and destruction.

You may not find the capital San Salvador is very interesting because of the poor and the valley filled with smoke. But Santa Ana, close to the sugar cane fields and coffee plantations that make for a wonderful tourist destination. You can also go to the Mayan ruins of Tazumal, where it is used for human sacrifice. Then you can move further away, almost two hours to the North, and was in La Palma that welcomes you with the cold weather coupled with attractive eyes.

Being a small country, tourists in El Salvador have always remained close to the Pacific coast where ever they go. The beach here has water in more than eighty degrees with perfect waves break and the sand is less crowded. This is the reason why surfers delight Beach crowd here. Some of the famous beaches or the most beloved beaches is Las Flores, La Libertad and Playa Herradura. However, if you're not a surfer then you would love to go to the beach of San Juan del Gozo and the Costa del Sol has a calmer waters and beautiful white sands.

If you want to go further then the Montecristo National Park, which is almost four hours north of San Salvador, is the place for you. A beautiful cloud forest, Montecristo National Park is a place where the border of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras met. Other natural destination for tourists is the National Park El Imposible. Here you can travel 9 km to reach a high point in Cerro Leon, which will provide a beautiful view of the volcano. Montecristo and Imposible National Park is home to about 500 species of birds and a few mammals.

Heartbreak for many tourists is the fact that almost 98 percent of the country's forests have gone because of the massive deforestation in the last 30 years.


This is a small country and the tourism infrastructure is not very good for travel within the country. Public bus system in El Salvador is cheap, they are solid and do not provide shelves for luggage. The most popular option is to hire a car especially for travellers with surf board move, one can also rent a minivan. You can fly into the international airport in San Salvador, which has been renovated. Charges in El Salvador is extremely low.

This is the rainy season between May and November, and dry between December and April. Busy times here is during Easter Sunday is called Semana Santa, the Holy Christmas and new year.


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