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Borobudur Temple the Greatest and Unique Temple

Unique is not damaged Buddhist temple
The eight centuries of the beautiful Borobudur Temple located in Central Java, Kedu Plain Indonesia. This temple is an extraordinary survival from a Buddhist temple were damaged from this era and is therefore one of the most impressive monuments in Asia and one of the world's largest architectural structure. The temple was built for the dynasty of Sailendra and it took about 80 years to complete.

The Sacred Flower of Buddha
The temple and its surrounding area to look like a microcosm of the universe. The Buddhist Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is designed like a flower of the Holy Buddha, Lotus flowers. Structure design of visualization of the Buddha's teachings and the steps that should be taken in life to achieve enlightenment.

The design of the steps in Life
A six-story rectangles together to form a pyramid. Pilgrims began their trip from the ground level, where they learned about living in a world of desire and its consequences. Then they walked up five successive levels to learn how to conquer the world and these feelings.

Overwhelming View over Rice-terraced Hills
The above three Lotus forms a circular terrace. About platform round 72 statues of Buddha meditating and the saints are built on top of the stupa filigree in peace with amazing views over the rice terraced hills and four volcanoes. In the middle of the top levels of the stupa, a tower designed like a Bell, pointing straight to the sky. This is known as Nirvana, beyond the shape and concept.


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