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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Holidays

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the southern part of the Caribbean. It is an island nation. Trinidad and Tobago are two of the main island of the country and there are twenty one small island. Trinidad and Tobago is much larger than in size and population. The nation lies outside the hurricane belt. Trinidad is a continuation of the Andes Mountains create scenic views. Another part of the island consists of marshes, which are fed by the river.

Tobago lies to the North West of the island and tourists irregular part of the island. It has a sandy beach that is so beautiful and a very interesting part of the island. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also very popular here. Buccoo bay is an important Bay Tobago very famous for snorkeling. Maracas bay is the longest in Trinidad and the Bay is very popular for swimming. Mayaro beach is a beach in Trinidad which is a very quiet beach and tourists can easily relax there. Marine bay bay again important in Trinidad. Manzanilla Beach, Trinidad is brownish, grey and sand beaches stripped away with the Atlantic on one side and flat on the other hand, it is again the place of attraction for tourists. There is another Bay in Tobago is known as the Pirate Bay.

The Carib brewery in Trinidad and Angostura is famous factory.

The Royal Botanical garden in Trinidad was a garden in which there is a variety of shrubs, trees and an orchid House, too. Devil's wood Yard is the famous volcano which erupted in Trinidad, this is beautiful scenery to see. La Brea pitch Lake in Trinidad asphalt release from the depths below and is the largest of the three lakes of the asphalt. Piparo mud volcano is a volcano which erupted in Trinidad the other and pull out a great distance in the mud into the air. Fort King George in Tobago is a fortress that was very amazing to see and consists of prisons, barracks and Office clutter. There are several museums and art galleries which contain several preserved cultural history of Trinidad.

There is a nature centre Asa Wright is one of the largest and oldest maintains the nature of Trinidad. Earlier there used to be a cocoa and coffee plantations here but now there is a different species of bird that tourists come to watch from around the world. There is a bird sanctuary in Trinidad where the birds are seen flying above and lodged in the top of the mangrove trees and tourists watched with binoculars from the ship with the help of tour guides.

Pointe-à-Pierre wild fowl trust in Trinidad which includes some tropical birds. There are also several parks in Trinidad as the Queen's Park savannah and Caroni lagoon National Park which has some preserved wildlife. If you like dance performances there are Dance Theater in Trinidad. There are also several places of worship that includes churches, mosques and even the mandir in Trinidad.


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