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Planning Holiday in Singapore

Planning a vacation in Asia, tour to Singapore is the number one choice for the millions of visitors who visit the very year, sometimes even exceed those of the city. Singapore tourism industry organized provides visitors with a modern infrastructure, which is very good, safe, clean and environmentally friendly. Singapore is a city with many faces to explore and discover. Right from the selection of interesting shopping, food, night life, vibrating amusement park, to the streets, we will find all here. All this has given other names from the entertainment. He enjoys a unique location and comprises the islands between Malaysia and Indonesia. Equipped with a variety of attractions are hard to uncover all but a few attractions that you visit.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is the star attraction for a tour to Singapore with nearly one million tourists who visit each year. This is an amazing experience watching the animals in their natural environment. It is located in Central Singapore, close to night safari. It covered an area of 28 hectares and is inhabited by more than 150 different animal species. Several species here are very rare and there are very few zoos, which can fit in with it. The environment is so made that it was more like a walk in the Woods than a man made places. One can attend the animal which takes place daily, while children can enjoy camel rides or share food with orangutans in the Zoo World.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Singapore's famous shopping district and the center of tourist activity. This area is the most recommended by all because of an atmosphere of living around here. Luxury hotels, excellent restaurants, international malls sell the latest items and branded, coffee bar, wine bar and many more all create a hot spot among tourists. Mane this place comes from the garden and pepper plantations that once existed here.

Jurong city

The city of Jurong industrial centre and is home to a number of popular tourist attractions in Singapore. It features a garden city of China, Singapore Discovery Centre and Jurong Bird Park. Of these, the Jurong Bird Park is a very popular tourist attractions are spread over 20 acres of land and about 1 million visitors come every year. The Park has received many awards for service and it is the result of the country's efforts towards the conservation of the area's natural beauty and wildlife. The Park has the largest number of birds when compared to other parks in the world. There is more to the garden that is known, has the largest indoor bird cage in the world, then the world's tallest man-made/manmade waterfalls are also found here.

Sentosa Island

A trip to Sentosa Island is a must when visiting Singapore because it is considered as the best place for travel and tourism, Singapore. This is an amusement park 390 acres located south of Singapore and about two million people visit it every year. The island is easily accessible by road and rail. Visitors will need a complete 1-2 days to experience the variety of beaches, museums, an aquarium, a garden and enjoy walks, rides and much more. It runs its own transport and even has a 5-star hotels for accommodation.

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