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Unforgettable Holiday in Karimun Java

Karimun Java is a group of islands in the north side, across from the city of Semarang Indonesia. Beautiful white sandy beaches, nature and wood anemones Dewandaru mysteriously has attracted many adventurers to come to this island. We can reach the island by boat Kartini about 4 hours from Semarang.
This is an area consisting of small islands with Karimun Java as the greatest. After You steep to the island you will be directly received by the sincere hospitality of the natives. Upon arrival our shuttle bus was waiting to pick us up to the Guest House that is only 500 metres from the port. During the trip to the home of our guests can enjoy the sunset from the scene, which looks like a backdrop of barge ships. This site is very small, with only 10,000 people who live there, all public services such as schools, markets, mosques, churches, a post office, police station, etc. can be reached on foot.

We decided to spend our second day exploring the small islands like the island of Karimun Java Galean, Cypress Pine and Charred. We were amazed with the white sand beaches, calm waves, the small fish that look so busy, and the shade of pine trees and mangrove forests. They are so harmonious with nature. We are not only satisfied our sense of vision but also our stomachs when we offer a freshly grilled fish to eat captured grouper one native. Among the small island there is a small island called a Seloka Scrubfowl unique only has white sand land without a plan or the living creatures on it.

Never claim that you have visited the Karimun Java if you haven't done so snorkeling. This is a must do activity when you visit the island, even if you can't swim. With the help of masks snorkels, fins and snorkel vest You can see the beauty of the sea, underground and allows the colorful fish to touch and kiss you. See squids, jellyfish and anemones are located beneath the sea as if they were designed by professional designers. What an amazing scene for me who can't swim.

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